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Help your business grow by providing  quality, affordable voice overs.  A rich, warm and friendly voice, compliments your corporate, e-learning or commercial narration. Fast turn around times, professional and easy to direct.  Make your project a smooth and enjoyable process, discounts for non-profits too. 

A little about me

I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1960’s. I was fascinated by anything with sound. Foghorns, old radio programs, disc jockeys, music, public address announcements. I always loved acting, impressions, singing but I didn’t think that I could make a living doing these things. After getting married, raising a family, working and moving to Jerusalem, I decided to pursue my dream of doing voice overs. I would love to hear your comments, constructive criticism, even compliments from any and all voice over artists. I’m pursuing my dreams. I hope you are too.


The Incredible Audio Samples


" Worked with Michael to do a voiceover for a short video tutorial. The turnaround was quick, and the voiceover was professional and engaging, the right complement for the video. Hope to work with Michael in future tutorials" David Goldhar

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